Taxonomy of PH 321

I have observed that the place is made up of creatures that have different peak hours in their days. After a good night sleep, most of them find it hard to wake up early in the morning while a few can. They may be classified into morning or night creatures. Out of 24 beings, 16 are considered night individuals and 8, morning individuals.

Usually, teenagers are a part of the night people because of some factors. These include academics, ways to socialize, and busy schedules. A teenager usually sleeps late in order to cope up with the duties he/she has. As a person gets older, demands of work and other responsibilities make him/her more focused on mornings. Adults usually have to wake up early in order to prepare for work that starts in the morning.

These morning and night preference often reflect some characteristics. Night people are apparent to be more imaginative than the morning people. Morning people tend to look at things in an analytic and logical way. Usually, night persons are considered to be independent than the morning persons. Morning people tend to be more formal and self-controlled.

Are you a morning or night person? 🙂


A Parent Should…

What are the responsibilities and duties of a parent?

Some would say that parents provide for the basic needs of their children such as education, clothing, shelter, and food. Others would reply that they should give the emotional needs of their children like love, support, and understanding.

Some of us have parents that work away from us. Most of them work in foreign countries. Parents work abroad to provide the physical needs of their children and these physical needs require money and they earn it from working away from their family.

I asked some of my friends about their parents working overseas about their communication to them. Most of them answered to me that internet and phone calls helped them in reaching their parents.

Then I realized, a parent sacrifices abroad to provide the basic needs of the children and trying so hard to give their emotional needs even if they are away from home.

Parents perform their duties as providers of the children’s basic needs. They fight homesickness and loneliness that hinder them from achieving this duty. They make sure that every physical need of their children would be attained but what about their emotional needs?

Parents do not forget to communicate with their family in any way. The use of the internet and phones are a great help in providing their emotional needs in a little way.

Parents work in other countries but we all hope that they will not forget being a parent – the one that gives love, affection, care, and emotional support to their children.

Social Science

I am currently taking up Social Science 2 that tackles about the Socio, Political, and Economic Thought. It is surprising for me that I enjoy learning concepts and ideas of different thinkers. I did not expect to like this subject that much because I do not have much interest on political thought.

Plato, the first thinker discussed

One of the difficult parts of this subject is to read a chapter about a certain thinker. The chapter has many pages that show the style of writing of the author. We, the students, find it difficult to read the author’s work because he is fond of fancy words and long sentences. I usually read up on summaries online before reading the chapter from the book in order for me to understand well the concepts discussed.

I find the thinkers fascinating because they were able to produce literary works that somehow influenced our ways of thinking today. The philosophers wrote their works while experiencing problems and not-so-good situations during their time. They decided to write in order to solve those difficulties.

Through this subject, I am learning different beliefs and ideas that are occurring today and can be used to solve some of the problems that people encounter.

To all those who are planning to run for government positions, take up Social Science 2. It will be a great help for you. 🙂

Live Life!

We, humans, do not exactly know when our borrowed time here on Earth will be taken away from us. I think it is important for us to somehow plan what we want to experience and how to live life to the fullest.
First, I want to graduate in the University of the Philippines. I am not expecting to graduate as a laude because the glory and achievement of graduating in this prestigious university is itself a dream come true. After experiencing trials and hardships, the diploma that I could get is so much worth the sweat and wait.
After graduating, I will work in a prominent company and earn a lot of money. I will earn money because of my own hard work without any bad habit involved. I will use this money to repay what my parents did in order for me to have education and be able to graduate.
Since I was a kid, I hoped to travel around the Philippines and the world with my family and loved ones. I will spend my money in going to places we have never been before. For me, travelling with important people gives more happiness and a sense of excitement. I will buy pasalubong for other relatives of mine and give souvenirs from those places.
At the right time and age, I know I will marry the man of my dreams. It may not be as grand as a royal wedding but as long as my family, friends, and other significant people to me would witness one of the best days in my life. I would like it to be unique but not costly. After the wedding, I and my husband would travel as a newly wed couple. We will go to the said “city of love”. I will remain faithful to him giving all the love he needs and be a great wife.
As a woman, I would like to have my own kids. Two children will do. I should be a great mother to them who would give so much love and care. I will continue to work at my best to contribute in providing of their needs especially education.
Of course, I will continue to take care of my parents and provide everything that they need. They gave me my emotional needs especially love, support, and inspiration and it’s my turn to give these needs fully back.
As long as I live, I will make sure that every significant person in my life would always feel admired and loved. I will continue to make letters and show them how much I love them. I will never know when I would have to leave this beautiful planet I live in so I would live every second with happiness and love. I will always thank my parents for all the love and support that they have given me. I will thank my sister that gave me lessons that never expected to learn from someone younger than me. Lastly, I will always be thankful to God for giving me so much blessings everyday and for letting me live with wonderful people.
Live life to the fullest! 🙂

Something to be Proud Of

Junior Master Chef: Pinoy Edition aired its pilot episode a few hours ago in the Philippines. While I was watching it, I felt a little jealous on those kids. At the age of at most twelve or thirteen, they were able to produce marvelous dishes and turned simple dishes to expensive-looking ones. 🙂

I remembered the first time I tried to cook. It was just hotdogs but I ate it being proud of myself to cook for the first time. I think I was ten years old then. After that, I tried to fry chicken nuggets. It did not turn out well and cooking oil splattered. From that experience, I learned that water must not be in contact with cooking oil that is already hot. Since then, I cooked canned corned beef, fried rice, sweet chili shrimp, and pork humba with pineapples.

sweet chili shrimp

The first viand that I cooked was the sweet chili shrimp. It is a simple dish but it tastes like something complicated. It was our main dish when we had a cooking activity when I was in high school. During that cooking activity, other teachers, who are not T.L.E. educators, judged our food. A teacher wrote a comment on the main dish, the sweet chili shrimp. She described the dish as a perfectly cooked one and the flavors mixed well and the shrimp absorbed the taste of the sauce. Our group was so proud of ourselves because we worked hard as one and succeeded in the end.

pork sinigang

Until now, I keep on trying simple dishes to cook. I am hoping to cook Filipino dishes with certain twists. Right now, I am learning how to cook my favorite viand, pork sinigang. I want to learn Filipino dishes because we should be proud of it. Foreigners go here in our country to see fascinating views and to taste Filipino food.

To all Filipinos and aspiring chefs, be proud of Philippines’ own food. It makes us proud being Filipinos.

Still Adjusting

Title: Life in UP in the first half of the First Semester

I. Experiences in Subjects
A. Math 17
1. Reviewed some of the topics in Algebra and Trigonometry

2. Have taken two long exams

3. Had long assignments before long exams

4. Had short quizzes

5. Acquired more concepts about Algebra and Trigonometry

B. Social Science 3

1. Judged negatively for taking this subject

2. Learned new terms related to sexuality

3. Made a diary

4. Discovered the five principles in the study of sexuality and sexuality-related research

5. Knew my degree of Erotophobia

6. Knew the story of Kinsey, a scientist

7. Made a study about subjective beliefs of UP students about sexuality and received negative reactions about this

8. Measured my current body-as-object and body-as-process esteem

9. Made a few paperwork
a. About “Why Social Science 3?”
b. Reflection paper about writing a diary

c. Report about the study conducted

C. Spanish 10

1. Used Spanish greetings and expressions in class

2. Studied how to distinguish a masculine noun from a feminine noun and vice versa

3. Changed singular nouns to their plural form

4. Learned about some of the basic Spanish verbs

5. Used the basic verbs to formulate questions

6. Answered questions in Spanish language

7. Formed simple sentences in Spanish

8. Taken two quizzes and had a few assignments

D. Social Science 2

1. Found out the factors that contributed to the birth of Western thought

2. Bombarded by the concepts of Plato and Aristotle regarding politics and knowledge

3. Challenged by the differences of the ideas of St. Augustine and St. Thomas about faith and its relation to the state

4. Watched the lecture of Dr. Casambre about Medieval Period and the political thoughts that emerged

5. Made a few essays
a. About the Roots of the West
b. Critique about Plato’s “The Republic”
c. Reaction Paper about Dr. Casambre’s lecture

E. English 1
1. Realized when does a certain tense must be used

2. Reviewed the subject and verb agreement rules

3. Discussed what is a narrative together with its elements, advantages, as well as its disadvantages

4. Visited Bulwagan ng Dangal to take a look at the evolution of Filipiniana dresses and the relationship of Rizal to UP

5. Tackled adjectives, adverbs, and prepositions

6. Went over the different sentence patterns

7. Talked about outlining and paraphrasing

8. Posted blogs every weekend

F. P. E. 2 (Duckpin Bowling)
1. Discovered the history of duckpin bowling

2. Used bowling terminologies

3. Taken a long quiz about the history, terminologies, and scoring

4. Learned the basic ways on how to bowl

5. Had average scores in different games

II. People in the Campus
A. Students
1. Familiar
a. Old batch mates from high school
b. Schoolmates from the higher batches in high school

2. Newly-met
a. Block mates
b. Classmates in different classes
c. Approachable council members and block heads

B. Faculty

C. Other persons
1. People in the photocopy area

2. People from food establishments
a. “ninjas” of CASAA
b. The considerate servers

3. Maintenance personnel

4. Librarians

5. Security guards

III. The Campus Premises
A. Plants
1. Shady trees

2. Flowers that add beauty to the surroundings

3. Grass on lands

B. Animals
1. Cats that are abundant in Palma Hall (AS)

2. Insects that contribute to our ecosystem
a. Bees
b. Butterflies

3. Birds freely flying everywhere

C. Buildings entered
1. Palma Hall (AS)

2. Palma Hall Annex (PHAN)

3. Math Building


IV. Realizations and lessons attained
A. Inaccurateness of people’s judgments

B. Fortunateness of students enrolled in this prestigious university

C. True value of money and how to spend it wisely

Ghost Month

I learned something from a Friday news program.

Every August, Chinese people observe the “Ghost month”. It is a time when one should watch out and beware of bad luck. In this year’s Chinese lunar calendar, the “Ghost month” runs from July 31 to August 28. They believe that during this period, people have greater chances of getting sick so people are restricted from different activities.

Chinese people offer fruits

According to a Chinese feng shui expert, people should avoid getting married and make big decisions about business and work. People are also advised not to visit sick persons and to attend wakes or funerals. On August 14, it is believed that the gates of hell would be opened and evil spirits will wander in our lands.

Although this report sounds scary, we should not be afraid. All we have to do is pray (this is also said by the expert). Prayer and the Most High will always be our protection in times like these. Therefore, if we have faith that someone would protect us and that we will not be harmed, no evil spirit could hurt us.

Prayer is powerful

From this segment of the news program, I learned that even if we have different beliefs and traditions, prayer is still an important aspect in our lives. We may not be as knowledgeable as priests and preachers but if we have strong faith in someone above, we will be protected.

Keep the faith! 🙂

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